06 October 2007

I am secure

Today I followed through with a promise.

My wife has offered for a while for me to join her in one of her classes at the gym. After each class she will come and tell me how great it was and that if I were to come with her I wouldn't be the only guy. Finally I agreed. For starters I will state that I was the ONLY guy in the class. To make things better my wife offered to set up my area with the necessary equipment needed to do the class. It just so happened that even though I was in the back of the class (yes, trying to hide out)... I was right in front of the instructor. Oh, and somehow it ended up that I was using PINK dumbells. But hey I am secure and I made it through the class. It was pretty ugly, but I made it... pink dumbells and all. Who knows maybe I will try it again...

1 comment:

Glenda said...

I just have a couple things to add :) First, you failed to mention that even though the dumbells were pink, they were the heaviest weight available. I thought it would have been less manly to have the blue ones, which are the lightest ones. Second, this was not your typical "aerobics" class, it's more like a weight lifting class...you did great and owned the class!