17 September 2006

Putting the pieces back together

So this has been a week for the record books. I have had my heart sink as I realize that I have lost everything on my computer... Calendar dates, contacts, music, sermons, family pictures... Everything. Gone! I am now picking up the pieces of my humpty dumpty document and trying to put them back together again. Oh, and I also got to clean up the water in my basement. Somewhere around 60 gallons of water in my basement.

In all of this I was able to meet Rob, a highly skilled Genius at the Apple store. Rob helped save my files and me from loosing "it" at the store. I was amazed at how people are willing to drop some major cash for their kids at the apple store purchasing ipods. I was more than entertained watching people during all of my time at the genius counter. People really have NO patience. Most of all I am reminded that no matter what is going on, I can have peace in the middle of it.

1 comment:

Glenda said...

Good for you, babe...patience in the storm...can't ask for more than that!

Love you!