04 August 2007

Wake up!

Successful people are busy people that wake up in the morning with an agenda... a God-honoring agenda.

Check this out from T.D. Jakes...

Years of mediocrity is what causes people to be bitter. If you want to be around bitter and complaining people get around people that are not seeing much activity. They are bitter, they are complaining, they are jealous because nothing is happening. If you want to be around less gossip and less jealousy, get around successful, busy people. Busy people don't have time to care what's going on in your life. I have no need to investigate what's going on in your life; I have so much going on in my own life, that I'm not interested in what I heard, that they said, that you thought, that if I thought what you said that I didn't mean if I heard it.

The only people that have time for that is people who aren't doing anything and they watch your life like it's a soap opera. They are living their life vicariously through you. What is going on in your life intrigues them because nothing is going in their life. If you want to stop that from happening to you, then get up out of the bed with an agenda.

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Glenda said...

That was a GREAT sermon and a GREAT quote!