04 July 2007

4th of July

Happy 4th of July. Here is the grand finale of the fireworks display where we were.

It was a nice night. I found that the bathrooms were over the river and through the woods...

My favorite part of the night didn't have to do anything with the fireworks. My daughter skinned her knee on the way back to the vehicle. On our drive home we were discussing how her knee would heal. In a flash, she attributed the healing to Jesus and asked if we could pray that he would continue to heal her knee. About two minutes go by and my daughter exclaims, "Jesus is healing my knee"... "I can feel it!" The amazing faith of a child! How sad it is that as adults we have lost this awe inspiring faith. I am so proud of my little girl! As young as she is and she has such a grasp on God's love for us. If she only knew how awesome her faith is.


ro.duh. said...

i love hearing stories about emma praying to jesus and having faith in him! :)

pushCHICK said...

what a great night we had!!!

Glad Emma's knee is healed!!


Earl Thornton said...

Great job capturing the fireworks!
Hey, I remember a young man (San Jose - 1980), about the same age as Emma, praying for his daddy who had twisted his ankle, severely, and asked Jesus to help his Daddy. And the pain immediately disappeared. Like father, like daughter!

Glenda said...

That is a super cool video. That was a great night, great weather, great company. And, you're right, Emma's prayer was awesome. We have great kids!!